Pak India 1965 War

Pak troops advancing to take new positions.

Along the BRB canal, one of the Pak soldiers and many like him beat back wave after wave of Indian attacks.

Pakistani troops advancing to join the battle against Indians.

Valiant and steadfast warriors at their bunker ready to face Indian assaults.

A camouflaged gun position with 8-inch Howitzer ready to add lethal fire power to support the defending Pak infantry.

Battling a massive Pakistani counterattack near BRB canal on 8 September, Maj Gen Niranjan Prasad, commander of Indian 15 Division which attacked Lahore abandoned his jeep and fled.

A Pakistani soldier captured these five Indian soldiers single-handed at Wagah.

The mosque of Barki village whose prayer leader was martyred by Indians when he refused to leave the mosque.

Gunners loading their Artillery gun to pound the advancing Indians.

Gunners stand ready with their Air Defence gun as the war continues with Indian air raids inside Pakistani territory.

Armour troop with their Sherman tank in battle area during the war.

Pakistani armour and infantry moving ahead in the clouds of smoke and dust to join the action.

Indian tanks left abandoned after they retreated when they were forced to withdraw during the battle of Chawinda.

Troops on top of captured Indian Centurion tank belonging to one of the Armour units of Indian 1st Armoured Division.

Ammunition filled crates left behind by retreating Indian soldiers.

Knocked out Centurion of famous 17 Poona Horse. The regiment was wiped out in Chawinda and its CO, Lt Col Ardeshir Tarapore was killed.

International news paper summing up the war in few words.

Pak Army troops, Rangers and Hurs posing in front of the captured Gutaro Fort, one of the chain of forts captured in Rajasthan desert inside India.

Foreign media visiting a Pakistani forward position in the captured area of Khem Karan.

Injured soldier at a hospital bed visited by Field Marshal Ayub Khan.

Soldiers keeping a watchful eye on Indian movement.

Field Marshal Ayub Khan meeting with soldiers at the front line.

Field Marshal Ayub Khan addressing troops at the front line.