1965 WAR

Battle Of Kasur

To capture Lahore, Indian Army planned to capture Kasur and advance towards Lahore. To execute this objective, Indians had gathered a large number of troops at Khemkaran but the brave men of Pakistan Army again became a barrier and spoiled the enemy efforts.

Pakistan Army counter-attacked and took the war into Indian territory, captured Indian town called Khemkaran and pushed back the enemy miles away. Pak warriors fought in the area with courage and used the captured Indian ammunition and weapons against them. The Indian Army retreated leaving behind lots of ammunition.

As the war continued, Indian Army launched many attacks to recapture Khemkaran. Indians once continued its shelling for twenty eight hours and launched air strikes but Pakistan Army maintained to capture Khemkaran till the end.

Indians have so far failed to make any impact on Pakistani positions in their attempt to push forward. Pakistan's smaller army but well armored and in high state of readiness is now fighting on Indian soil in two sectors of the 50 mile Lahore front. Reuters and BBC, September 12, 1965.

It is clear from the fury with which the enemy (Pakistan) is fighting on all fronts that it has not been easy for the Indian Army to advance in to Pakistan territory. 'Times of India', Bombay, September 16, 1965.

Indian Army tried to capture Lahore by capturing Kasur but Khemkaran under Pak Army's feet proves Indian Army at retreat in their own land.

One of the three tanks destroyed by Maj Khadim Hussain of 24 Cavalry. He used an abandoned 106 mm RR, struck three tanks and got martyred.

Pak Warriors of 4 Cavalry pose in front of Customs Station at Khemkaran after the war.

Gen Muhammad Musa with GOC 11 Div Maj Gen A. Hameed Khan at the captured Khemkaran Railway Station.

The railway station of Khemkaran

1965 WAR