1965 WAR

Battle Of Rajasthan

During the war in the second week of September, Indian Army while expanding the circle of war crossed from Barmer sector of Rajasthan and occupied Gadra post inside Pakistan. India was mistaken that by increasing the dimensions of war, Pakistan Army's attention will be diverted to different sectors and its defence will become weak.

In response to the capture of Gadra Post, Pakistan Army executed a counterattack plan and recaptured the post with the support of Rangers and Hurs. Munabao railway station was also captured and while advancing, the imposing Kishangarh Fort bowed down in front of Pak troops, Rangers and Hurs as Pakistan advanced 1000 miles into Indian territory. In addition, Pakistan Army made two hundred POWs including three officers and seven junior commissioned officers, fifteen posts were also captured. Apart from this, Indian Army used three tanks from Third Independent Squadron of Allahabad which were all were captured in loaded condition.

Pak Army's 18th Punjab Regiment emerged victorious for inflicting serious casualties. Indian Army suffered heavily and was not willing to fight further. Its officers were requesting to halt fire and wait for two more days as the ceasefire was to take effect on 22 September. Maj. Rafiq was awarded Sitara-e-Jurat for his indomitable bravery in this battle theater.

Pak troops, Desert Rangers and Hurs posing in front of captured Gutaro Fort, one of the chain of forts captured in Rajasthan desert inside India.

Pak troops, Rangers and Hurs posing in front of the captured Fort of Kishangarh after hoisting Pakistani flag.

In Rajasthan, Indian Army used three tanks which were from the Third Independent Squadron of Allahabad. B Coy of 18 Punjab Regt. captured all three tanks. Pak soldiers are posing with one of the three tanks.

Munabao Railway Station in Rajasthan captured by Pakistan.

Rangers in Rajasthan desert inside India.

Officer and Ranger in the Indian desert of Rajasthan as the war was taken inside Indian territory.

Field Marshal Ayub Khan awarding Sitara-e-Jurat to Maj. Rafiq for his outstanding performance during the battle in Rajasthan.

1965 WAR